HypnoBirthing Classes in Atherton

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If you live on the Atherton Tablelands/Cairns Hinterlands, and you are interested in taking charge of your birthing experience, educating yourself, and undertaking a HypnoBirthing® class using the Mongan Method, you don’t have to travel far.  I am available to take HypnoBirthing® classes in Atherton and, in some instances for private classes, I can come to your own home.  Since your own home is where you’ll be practicing your HypnoBirthing® techniques, where you feel most relaxed and comfortable, and where you will most likely start your birthing, it makes perfect sense to have private classes in the comfort of your own personal space.

If you decide that HypnoBirthing® is for you, you’ll be in good company.  A quick search online shows that many celebrities are reportedly fans of self-hypnosis for birthing, including Jessica Alba, Tiffani Thiessen, Stephen and Tabitha King, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Pamela Anderson, Jade Jagger, Ricki Lake, John Tavolta and Kelly Preston, Lisa Bonet, Sherilyn Fenn, Meryl Streep, Val Kilmer’s partner Joanne Whaley-Kilmer and Lucy Lawless.  Jessica Alba is quite open about her positive experiences with HypnoBirthing®.  She explains her experiences to Ellen Degeneres here.

Perhaps most exciting for the HypnoBirthing® community of late is the speculation that Kate Middleton may have used HypnoBirthing® to birth the new prince.  Her 10 hour labour was consistent with a relaxed birth, but no official confirmation has been forthcoming.  Kate’s interest in the technique, however, has helped to raise the profile of HypnoBirthing® in Australia.

For information on taking HypnoBirthing® classes on the Tablelands, in Far North Queensland, I have more information here.

For more information on HypnoBirthing® in Australia, go to http://hypnobirthingaustralia.com.

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