Go Go Gadget Breasts


My little girl Gaia is spoiled.  I let her have free reign over my breasts.  They are there if she is hungry, thirsty, wants comfort, or just needs to know she still has access.  I still let her at them even though I have experienced the occasional nip or worse.  I know that the milk I have to offer her is the best thing in the world for her, and I love that I am her mother and it is my labour of love to give it to her.

Gaia seems to think that my breasts are much more flexible and stretchy than they are in actuality, although if she has her way they might end up that way.   I had no idea what I was in for when I resolved that I would breastfeed my children for as either as long as I could or as long as they wanted.

I never in a million years pictured my daughter doing acrobatics, full 360 degree turns, rolling from front to back, back to front, all while still attached to my breast and sometimes still actively suckling.

I told my parents about it numerous times, and they seemed to understand what I was explained to them, but when they actually witnessed my little blessing balancing on my breast using only her teeth for grip, head down while sticking her bum in the air and having her legs straight, swaying her hips from side to side like she is mastering a dance move, they were stunned.

“Is she still feeding?” I was asked.  “Apparently so.”

Her latest trick is to manoeuvre me so that she can feed while still watching ABC for Kids on television.  For her it must be the ultimate luxury to be positioned in front of the telly with a breast in her mouth.

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Personally I had hoped that Gaia wouldn’t be very familiar with the TV for a while yet, but I am now at work and I can’t dictate how my husband fathers his daughter.  He has his way, just as I have mine, and I have to admit that he’s doing a pretty good job.

Gaia is happy, well fed, has a sense of humour, and gets plenty of one on one time playing with her Dad.  So what if ABC for Kids is on in the background.  Some of it she really enjoys watching, she dances to the music, and the goodnight hour on Giggle and Hoot is her signal that bedtime is nigh.  And, having the TV on certainly doesn’t stop her from going off to explore or play elsewhere, or to engage her Dad in a game or exercise.

Having Giggle and Hoot on, however, does encourage her to try to manipulate our positions during a pit stop feed so that she can have the best of both worlds – warm, sweet milk on tap at the same time as passive entertainment.

Kind of like her dad when the soccer is on, especially if England is playing, and he has a beer in his hand.

And, like her Dad, when she finishes her drink, she makes a satisfied exclamation “Ahhhh!”

That’s my girl :-)

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