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A Visual Introduction to HypnoBirthing

This is a fantastic introduction to what HypnoBirthing can help you to achieve Here is another introduction, with a bit of history thrown in: If you want to know more about taking a HypnoBirthing class in Atherton, you can find

HypnoBirthing FAQ

What is HypnoBirthing? HypnoBirthing is a childbirth method that focuses on preparing parents for gentle birth.  In HypnoBirthing classes, you will learn proven techniques in a well-thought-out program of deep relaxation, visualization, and self-hypnosis. All of these are designed to

How HypnoBirthing® Can Assist Births With Special Circumstances

(Written by Sharon Gourlay, Lancaster, Ohio: As a mother who must have C-sections I used the HypnoBirthing® techniques throughout my pregnancies with my two daughters, Samantha and Isabella; and HypnoBirthing® helped me in several different ways: Prenatal Bonding –

HypnoBirthing Classes in Atherton

Pregnancy massaging back pain

If you live on the Atherton Tablelands/Cairns Hinterlands, and you are interested in taking charge of your birthing experience, educating yourself, and undertaking a HypnoBirthing® class using the Mongan Method, you don’t have to travel far.  I am available to